Install N1ED add-on on CKEditor 4

Installing N1ED in CKEditor 4 is basically standard installing of an add-on in CKEditor.

Download and install N1ED

Download CKEditor add-on now

  1. Download an add-on for CKEditor in "Downloads" section of your Dashboard.

  2. Place the downloaded plugins to ckeditor/plugins folder:

  1. Edit config.js. Specify add-ons you have purchased in extraPlugins, leave everything else unchanged.
config.extraPlugins = "N1ED,BootstrapEditor,Flmngr,ImgPen,Translator";
config.removePlugins = "iframe,image,magicline";
config.allowedContent = true;
  1. Install Flmngr (PHP, Node, Java, ASP.NET) on the server and specify these URLs in the client config. Even if you have not purchased Flmngr we provide you its server side package for using its basic features (like uploading) in N1ED.
config.urlFileManager = "/url/of/filemanager";
config.urlFiles = "/url/to/files/";
  1. Specify API key for YouTube in the client config for using this widget. This key is free and can be retrieved at Google Developer Console. For example:
config.widgets: {
    "YouTube": {
        "apiKey": "my-API-key"
  1. Add toolbar button for editing HTML source.
Edit HTML source CKEditor button
Edit HTML source
Button name: HTML
Opens CodeMirror HTML code editor to edit whole the document with highlighting and error checking.

Your CKEditor is enhanced now and is ready to create better content.