Installing N1ED to Drupal 8

Any plugin from the N1ED ecosystem installs effortlessly if your CMS is Drupal 8. Moreover, along with the plugin itself you receive a full-featured toolset and a way to configure these instruments from the Drupal administration panel. N1ED and other add-ons are designed to streamline user experience in Drupal 8 and retain operating principles this CMS users are accustomed to.

In Drupal 8, there is a Drupal module that corresponds to each CKEditor plugin. This module docks the plugin to Drupal. You can read more about this mechanism in the CKEditor modules in Drupal 8 article. To install the plugin, you should install the module, copy the plugin and add it to CKEditor. The entire procedure is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Download and install N1ED

Download Drupal 8 module now



  1. Download module for Drupal 8 from your control panel on On your website, open the AdministrationExtend, and then click Install new module.
  2. On the opened page select all zip-archives of the modules and click Install.

    Note. If installation failed, and Drupal asks for an FTP access (which is NOT required), make sure the sites/default directory on your server is owned by the user the web server run as. Depending on the OS, this could be www-data, nginx, apache and so on. To change the owner of the directory, in the Drupal 8 installation console type sudo chown www-data sites/default and then try installing modules again.

  3. In the list of modules locate the CKEditor section and checkmark the installed modules. then click Enable modules and the modules will activate.
  4. Download CKEditor plugins from the same control panel. Unpack them to the libraries directory in the Drupal 8 installation folder. If there is no such a directory yet, create it and set correct access permissions.
    You need to unpack all the plugins to match this structure:


Installation is complete. Now, got to the AdministrationConfigurationText formats section. Here, you can find the list of text editing formats available for various user types. In the formats where you set CKEditor as the editor, all N1ED add-ons along with the component to visually configure them will become available.

Modules and plugins for Drupal 8 come preconfigured, including the Flmngr file manager add-on that has a server part. This means you can start using them right after installing without any additional configuring. If you want to customize add-ons, configure them according to your needs and click Save.

Also, in the toolbar settings you can add new buttons to the CKEditor toolbars. If you use N1ED, doing this is not necessary: all tools are available from the more convenient sidebar. And if you use some plugin (for example, Flmngr or ImgPen) independently of N1ED, their buttons will allow you to invoke their functions (like uploading ot image editing) directly.


As you create new content or editing the existing one using CKEditor, you see that it loads with new add-ons and as you configured it. Your Drupal 8 content editor never was so advanced and easy to use. Now, go and use it to create awesome page content.